Wholesale & Distribution

Azzarosol is comprehensive Business solution for Wholesale & Distribution which evolved over the period of 10 years of consulting with 50+ customers in 20 Different countries.

As an entrepreneur, you are likely to know how difficult it is to manage a wholesale business. Wholesale and distribution management can include marketing, shipping, organizing stocks, consignments, and other manuals, also it consumes time & labor. Here’s where wholesale distribution software enters the picture.

Transport Management

Booking Deliveries and Receipts, Tripp Management, Route Manifest

Financial Management

Accounts, Receivables, Payable, VAT, Banking, Fixed Asset, Cash Flow Management, Management Accounts, Reporting

Warehouse Management

Multi-Location, Bin Management, Receipt,  Put-way, Lot & Serial No. Tracking, Handheld Scanners, Barcode Scanning

Purchase Management

Supplier Price Comparison, Suggested Purchase Quantities, Blanket Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Raising, Emailing, Import

Multi Channel Sales & CRM

Customer, Contacts, Sales Price, Sales Forecast, Budget, Sale Person Commission, Quotes, Order, Dispatch. EDI & Web Integration

Rebate Management

Customer Discounts, Supplier Rebates & Retro Calculations, Claim Management

Reporting & Analysis

Power Bi Reporting, Sales Analysis, Financial Analysis. Buying Worksheets

Cash & Carry

Multi Location Setup, POS System, Cash Central, Due Diligence Management, Centralized System for Wholesale, Retail & Delivered

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