Dynamics 365 Commerce

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Dynamics 365 Commerce delivers a complete omni-channel solution that unifies back-office, in-store, and digital experiences to personalize customer engagement, increase employee productivity, optimize operations, and deliver better business outcomes.

The modern retail customer is well informed and demands a great shopping experience. They want to feel in control their experience, from researching product price and quality, to purchasing from the brand that offers the most personalized, convenient service, to maximizing the value of every dollar spent. Their shopping journey can start in one channel, progress in another, and then end in a third channel of the customer’s choice.

To meet the customer’s demands, you need a solution that can:

  • Attract customers with personalized experiences and streamlined store operations.
  • Compete better by helping your customers be nimble and build lasting relationships with them.
  • Create rich customer-first experiences at all touchpoints tied with backend operations.
  • Improve merchandising efficiencies with intelligent insights.
  • Unify data and take advantage of a data-driven approach.
  • Give your employees the tools and information they need for ultra-responsive customer service.

To meet these requirements, you need a modern, flexible cloud commerce solution like Dynamics 365 Commerce. Dynamics 365 Commerce is a complete retail solution that gives you a unified experience across all channels. Dynamics 365 Commerce includes sales, mobility, intelligence, and productivity to help you achieve more in a cloud-first, mobile first way.

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