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Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Bring your business closer to your customers with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

With expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Services across Verticals, Azzarosol has a proven track record in delivering cost effective CRM solutions to various clients around the world. Our clients include customers from diverse sectors, including global organizations in financial services, insurance, telecoms, government and healthcare.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM features

CRM tools give sales, marketing, commerce, field service, and customer service teams immediate visibility into—and access to—everything crucial to developing, improving, and retaining customer relationships.

Some ways you can use CRM capabilities to benefit your company are:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM For Sales

Turn relationships into revenue by bringing digital intelligence into every deal.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Service

Earn customers for life with a personalized experience and world-class service across every channel.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Feild Service

Master the service call with smarter capabilities—from optimized scheduling to predictive maintenance.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Talent

Attract, on board, and set employees up for success with a collection of intelligent HR cloud services.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Retail

Deliver an immersive shopping experience by optimizing retail operations with intelligent insights.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Marketing

Unify your sales and marketing to connect customer experiences at every interaction with Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Insights

Deliver a personalized experience using relevant insights on how to best serve your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Finance and Operations

Accelerate growth by optimizing operations and making real-time, data-driven decisions at global scale.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Project Management

Profit from your projects by bringing people, processes, and automation technology together.
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Your Value

With our solutions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your business can effectively :

Manage data on sales prospects and customers.
Gain insight into sales opportunities and pipeline.
Drive customer loyalty through targeted campaigns.
Manage customer call center productivity.
Tap social media channels for the most up-to-date information.
Access and update system information through multiple devices.
Integrate Microsoft Dynamics CRM with other lines of business applications.

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