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Of the tea people. By the tea people. For the tea people. Can you guess this company? Their product is deeply engraved in our Indian society. For ages, Indian households have been brewing their blend every morning. The evening dusk is filled with aroma from their flagship product mastered over decades of experience. If you have not guessed it already, we are talking about Society Tea.

Amarshi Bhurabhai Shah, a stowaway to Africa in his young days, returned to India and took up a job in Bombay. He later quit his job, to start on his own.

He started the tea business “Hiralal Pranjivandas” in 1915 (Exports & Wholesale), at Masjid Bunder, the main Tea market of Mumbai. Traders from all over Maharashtra, including retailers, used to buy Tea from his market. This shop has stood the test of time and today it’s the only one left in the Tea Market of Masjid Bunder from that era.

Hasmukhrai & Co. came into existence in 1933. And today the legacy is being carried forward by the 4th generation of Shahs. What made Society Tea a household name in the decades that followed is the attention to quality and consistency that Amarshibhai inculcated in the family in the founding decades of the business.

This passion for tea making eventually led to creating a consistent taste for which Society Tea is known among its loyal customers. “Every child has the right to feel safe and protected in their own home – how is this poor child going to sleep tonight or in coming nights? What are the long-term effects on her going to be?”

The Challenge:

Society tea has a legacy of quality, productivity, and efficiency. To continue this legacy forward they choose digitalization as their next step toward improving operational excellence. After meticulous planning, they shortlisted Microsoft Dynamics 365 AX for managing the finance and
operations part of the business. However, there were elementary errors in the implementation of this software in the organization.

Even after years of efforts, the solution was not maturing into a reliable system for decision making and data analytics. Their entire finance and operation function was in complete disarray with duplication of work and multiple backhand processes to keep checks and balances in place. 

“We were not sure if Azzarosol is going to do anything about our problem. But they were confident of turning things around for us. Within the first few months, we were startled with the progress that they were able to make on the project  .”Society Tea

The Solution:

The team at Society Tea were in urgent need of making some amends. Their business was growing at a rapid pace, but their backend system was not able to keep pace. This is when they started looking out for answers. We had a chance to interact with the Society Tea leadership.

From the first interaction itself, it was clear that the real problem lies with implementation and not with the type of system. However, it took some time for us to convince the leadership about the same. After plenty of fact-checking and discussion, the team gave us a chance to work on their system and bring it up to their expected performance level.

Within a few months, they were able to witness a massive difference. Their budget accuracy had improved. The entire operational efficiency of the company was improving with every passing month. Their employees were able to focus on more value-added tasks leaving the mundane
tasks to the system. The entire system reliability has now improved to close to 99% throughout the past one year.

Application(s) implemented

Finance & Operations (F&O) for medium and large organizations

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Supply Chain

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