Azzarosol is comprehensive Business solution for Manufacturing which evolved over the period of 15 years of consulting with 80+ customers in 20 Different countries.

With digitization being the latest jargon, industrial manufacturing organizations feel the need to change the way they operate and to adhere to the customer requirements, to the core. The latest software solutions today, have helped the manufacturing units to a large extent by enhanced communication techniques and inclusion of innovative technologies like mobility, IoT, Beacons etc. We Azzarosol, offer comprehensive and robust Manufacturing Software Development solutions that deliver the finest of client experience, business efficacy, connected involvement, unconventional analytics and smart enterprise.

#1 ERP company in India

Key Benefits of ERP for Manufacturing Industry

  • Complete integration of the system creating an interconnected network of various departments for seamless communication.
  • Yield maximum output and production keeping the quality in check with Lighthouse ERP software for manufacturing.
  • Track the entire process coupled with inventory management for better production predictions.
  • A deterministic approach to meet the modern fundamentals of constantly growing business in the manufacturing industry.